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Political Ideology Survey

Which political party do you belong to?

Many factors contribute to a person's choice of political party. Research indicates that the strongest factors are family and community influences. The platforms and positions of the two major parties can also have an influence, but these can change and evolve over time. For that reason, it is helpful to examine contemporary issues to be sure that your party preference matches your political ideology , or personal beliefs about government.

Take the survey below to help you determine your political party preference. You must take this survey before moving forward.

Question Agree Disagree
1. The Federal Government places too many restrictions on modern corporations.
2. Union workers receive wages and benefits so high that they damage their company's ability to compete.
3. High government taxes hurt the economy.
4. Only people who cannot work should be eligible for welfare programs.
5. Illegal immigration lowers wages and increases crime.
6. New government programs should be created to further assist poor people in the United States.
7. The wealthy should be taxed at a higher percentage than the lower and middle classes.
8. One of the best ways to help the poor is to set policies that help businesses earn a profit and create new jobs.
9. Government programs discourage able bodied people from helping themselves.
10. The government should not restrict abortion and other reproductive decisions.
11. The government has a special responsibility to assist minorities.
12. Faith-based organizations should be used to improve poverty and crime in local communities.
13. Public funding should not be used to support religious institutions including schools.
14. Government should not financially support art projects that are morally objectionable.
15. The First Amendment should protect illicit materials from government censorship.
16. Free trade between the U.S. and other nations is generally beneficial.
17. America's high crime rate is directly traceable to a cycle of poverty, poor health care, poor education, and discrimination.
18. A less regulated capitalist system increases innovation and creates long-term economic success.
19. Gay marriage should be legal.
20. Economic success should take precedent over environmental policies.
21. The federal government should not get involved in setting academic standards for local public schools.
22. Americans have a right to affordable health care.
23. The death penalty is cruel and unusual punishment.
24. Limiting the sale and possession of firearms does not violate the second amendment right to bear arms.
25. The giving of a prayer before public school sporting events, activities and other programs should be allowed.